Student Loan Application | Wells Fargo

We redesigned the student loan application on the Wells Fargo website to be a more simplified, responsive, thoughtful experience. Now, a student hoping to go to college can complete a loan application start to finish on their smartphone.

Our challenge
Make it much, much easier for students to apply for student loans. We wanted to streamline the application while still adhering to external regulations and internal policies and procedures. Most of all, we needed to make it responsive, so that students or their parents can fill out an application anytime on their device of choice.

How we solved it
This was very much a content-first project, requiring close collaboration with a range of subject matter experts, legal and compliance contacts, product owners and stakeholders. We designed optimal flows, tested and learned from them, revised for factors such as regulatory compliance, then tested some more. And we made it work on smartphone, too.

A few screens